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Alarm Systems

Standard Security System

This affordable security package offers 24/7 intrusion protection for you and your family. Convenient wire-free installation makes this a perfect fit for households with basic security needs.


  • $200 up front with 2 year term
  • Residential Monitoring 24/7 Police, Fire and Medical starts at $24.99 with cellular commincation. No phone Line needed
  • Commerical Monitoring 24/7 Police, Fire, and Medical starts at $39.99 with Cellular Commincation. No phone Lined Nedded.
  • Customize this system for your needs by adding optional upgrades and additional sensors such as interior sirens, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, sump pump monitors, and more.
  • An alarm system can reduce your homeowners insurance rate


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Standard Security System Package Components

2-Way Voice Wireless Computer Control Panel 2-Way Voice Wireless Computer Control Panel with Integrated Keypad and Siren

This system offers 2-Way Live Voice communication with Sievers Security’s monitoring station 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. This is a combination control panel, keypad, siren, two-way voice system and speakerphone all in one. In addition to providing security, this system also functions as a family message center that records and plays back voice messages and features a paging capability to alert homeowners of openings, closings, alarms and other messages.

Wireless Door / Window Sensors Two Wireless Door / Window Sensors

Contact sensor notifies you when a door or window is open. These unobtrusive sensors work with a wide range of door and window types to keep you safe.

Pet Type Motion Sensor Pet Type Motion Sensor

This infrared device detects changes in temperature from human body heat that pass through its field of view. Distinguishes between the heat radiation emitted from an animal and a human body, reducing false alarms. Recommended for use in large rooms, narrow corridors, and stairwells. Two available sensitivity settings. Small and unobtrusive size.

LED 4-Button Keychain Key Fob LED 4-Button Keychain Key Fob

Easy-to-use personal protection that you can take anywhere you go that also makes your security system easier to operate while providing an extra level of convenience and peace of mind. Features a sleek, compact design, icons for simple, easy-to-understand functionality, LED confirmation that transmission has been sent, tactile, recessed keys that reduce false alarms and more. This 4-button remote has eight programmable functions.