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TV Antennas

Pickup over 30+ Free HD Local Channels over the Air with out any monthly bills. With Cable and Satellite Bills at Ridiculous pricing why pay to watch commercials. Chances are that the majority of the time your watching local channels or Netflix so why not cancel your bill or eliminate some of the less used cable boxes that are costing you $8 a month.

Hookup your antenna to those TV’s and install an AppleTV and youll have entertainment any guest would be happy with. Packages start at $400 which includes a HD Antenna, 150 feet of RG6 Cable, Side Mount, 10ft Pole, Installation and Aiming of the HD antenna, Scanning and Programming of TV stations, and Grounding to the NEC Codes. Contact us Today. Antenna Selection depends on Home location.

COST RANGE $400 – $1000


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